Wireless Training Course

IEEE ComSoc Training
1-Day Wireless Communications Course
Monday, 9 March 2015
09:00 – 16:30

Understanding LTE Advanced, its End-to-End Road to 5G, and Self-Organizing Networks (SON)

Price: $600 IEEE Member; $695 non-member (not included in the conference registration)

Course Description: This course outlines the LTE roadmap along with the emerging and new paradigm evolution, in an online interactive session. It discusses the LTE-Advanced key technologies & their attribute, roles and prospects, the change in landscape and the shifts in enabling environment to keep up with demands, along with the picture of the next several years with such paradigms as densification with small cells, machine-type communication and virtualization. The course then details self-organizing networks (SON). What is SON and why, and what is the SON technology and standards, and its different mechanisms. Furthermore, the future success of SON together with maturity of other technologies such as interference management, backhaul options, multi-band, and small cells / HetNets, along with SON scenarios, synergy and evolution path are discussed. The course ends with a discussion on the end-to-end road to 5G.

Who Should Attend: Anyone interested in understanding LTE / LTE-Advanced end to end roadmap in preparation for 5G. According to 4G Americas President Chris Pearson, "wherever feasible, features being discussed as 5G requirements should be implemented as LTE-Advanced extensions, before the full 5G is available. There are ongoing enhancements in LTE-Advanced that will continue through 2018."

Learning Objectives:
By the end of this course you will understand and appreciate the following, which form the outline:

  1. The attributes and realities of LTE-Advanced / Roadmap today and in the next several years – what, why, how, when
  2. Evolution path for Small Cells, HetNets and associated technologies, communication coordination & interference management, machine-type communication, and virtualization
  3. The need and the means for multi-dimensional technology transformations in phases to keep up with demand, and on the Road to 5G
  4. The what, why, how, which and when for automation and Self-Organizing Networks (SON)
  5. SON technologies and standards, their synergy, realities & success, related technologies, and their evolution path

Course Materials/CEUs: Each registered participant will receive a print & electronic copy of the instructors PowerPoint slides for reference and will earn 0.6 IEEE CEUs (Continuing Education Units) for their participation. 0.6 IEEE CEUs are equivalent to 6 Professional Development Hours.

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About the Instructor:
Javan Erfanian
Distinguished Lecturer - IEEE ComSoc, IEEE WCP

Javan Erfanian has been an IEEE Communications Society Distinguished Lecturer for years, an editor and author for the Wireless Engineering Book of Knowledge, and a member of IEEE WCET (Wireless Communications Engineering Technologies) Industry Advisory Board. He has about 20 years of experience in telecommunications research, lectures, and practice. He has taught many academic and industry courses and programs, particularly on Communications and Wireless Systems. In his IEEE involvement, Javan was also Chair of Communications Society in Toronto, and the Canadian correspondent for Communications Magazine in late 90s. He received the IEEE Millennium Medal in 2000. His earlier publications are cited in research journals and textbooks. Javan has extensive experience in wireless industry. His recent contributions to research forums & standards bodies have focused on future wireless technologies from service environment and user interaction to next-generations of technologies, networks and operational excellence.